Wednesday, June 23

Xbox Series X Working to Fix Major Launch Issues –

Microsoft has confirmed it’s working on solutions for two big issues plaguing the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. One of these issues involves performance. While the PS5 trumps the Xbox Series S in terms of power, it falls short of the Xbox Series X in this regard, at least on paper. Yet, despite this, many games are running better on PS5 than Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, the hardware isn’t at fault here, but optimization. In cases were this is happening, Microsoft says it has extended its help to rectify the issue.

Speaking during the official Xbox podcast hosted by Larry Hryb — aka Xbox Live’s Major Nelson — Microsoft’s Jason Ronald revealed that in some cases this underperformance comes down to bugs, or sometimes it’s just a lack of experience with the platform.

“There are different kinds of issues that can come up as developers are starting to learn and take advantage of this platform.” said Ronald. “In some cases, they’re just simply bugs in the titles – and we’ve partnered very closely with them, and the developers will go in and fix those bugs because they’re just as committed to delivering that premium experience as we are. In other cases, it’s learning how to use this next-generation platform.”

Elsewhere during the podcast, Ronald also confirmed issues with Quick Resume are also being ironed out. Quick Resume is one of the console’s most impressive features, and it’s a feature the PS5 has no answer to. That said, not only is it currently not supported by every game, but since launch, it hasn’t always been working as advertised. But again, Ronald notes improvements are being made in this regard.

Of course, neither of these problems is something that can be solved by simply rolling out an update. It’s safe to assume both, but especially the former, will continue to be a problem, to an extent, for the whole generation, but according to Ronald, Microsoft is doing everything it can to mitigate these problems going forward.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are available worldwide for $500 and $300 USD, respectively. For more coverage on both console and all things Xbox — including all of the latest news, rumors, and leaks — click here.

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